We are your one-stop source for everything in the specialty-car market here on Long Island!

If you are looking for cars, parts, local events, have something to sell, or a message to get out – this is the place!

classic-carLong Island Classic Cars was created with one purpose in mind: to provide a local forum for car and truck collectors on Long Island and in the Greater New York area including New Jersey and Connecticut to buy and sell their vehicles to other local individuals without the hassles of searching and selling all over the country. And to provide a one-stop place on the internet for the entire local automotive scene to gather, find what they need, and promote what they have.

We’ve all had the experiences of reading the papers, magazines, and national internet sites to find a classic car. Most of the time, if you can find one worth pursuing, you still can’t see it in person. This leads to either not consummating the deal, or buying the car and being unpleasantly surprised when it arrives.

How much easier it would be if you could find a great classic in your own backyard, take a short ride to see and inspect it, and then drive her home yourself! All with the security of not buying it “sight unseen”!

That’s the idea…

And as sellers, we know that the person calling you at all hours from someplace out west is probably not going to be anyone who actually buys your car. Most of the time you get people who like to chat or are just curious. They don’t want to buy “sight unseen” either!

Instead of wasting our time and money on national ads that usually don’t work, we thought it would be better to have a more effective and less expensive local forum that yields a higher percentage of success!

That’s the idea…

As car collectors ourselves we know all about hunting for parts and services. That’s why we incorporated resources into Long Island Classic Cars where you can contact local merchants to find what you need! Everything from that hard to find part, to an insurance quote or help with financing. Find local restorers and customizers who are true experienced craftsmen. See where all the shows and events are on any particular day. Even search for a car or truck club that has similar interests to yours! All at the reach of your fingertips!

That’s the idea…

Community. Fellowship. Fun. Good Times. Great Gatherings. Shows and Events. All here on Long Island and in the Tri-State Area. Find all the information you need in one place. Long Island Classic Cars.com

Make it easy. Make it fun!

That’s the idea!